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The one bathroom within the home offers not really been completely gutted and also marble-filled, which is a relief. It's listed since the one-time studio along with residence involving famed Disney artist Mary Blairknown as "one in the all-time greats regarding Disney background modernist illustration and also color"and her husband Lee Blairhimself the Disney animator and, incredibly, your winner of the 1932 Olympic Gold Medal pertaining to watercolorand searching via the actual place, its easy to imagine how anyone could possibly be inspired to produce here.

The Mary as well as Lee Blair residence ceiling fans reviews is asking $1.6 million. It's pretty clear that "The magic in the artists' residence and also studio is actually alive along with well, ready in order to enliven and also enhance the life in the next special owner(s)," as the listing copy puts it. Windows are kind of your theme here, using huge ones of a variety of sizes in every room. There's just one bedroom, along with a couple of beds arranged check out head, like this can always be a TV display within the Fifties exactly where married couples can't reveal the identical bed onscreen. The Actual kitchen, though about the small side, looks well laid-out at least, and also appears to use a fittingly vintage-style stove as well as fridge. .

The Particular Mary along with Lee Blair Residence, 1939 [Crosby Doe]

3763 Fredonia Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068 [Redfin]

3763 Fredonia Dr Los Angeles, CA 90068



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This hillside residence inside the Cahuenga Pass, built-in 1939 and designed through architect Harwell Hamilton Harris, has just emerged from your chrysalis (aka a years-long restoration); the current owners purchased your house inside 2011 and hang for you to work, improving about the already lovely home. *(Mary Blair passed away within 1978, consequently this provides been a while since she's done function here.)

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In the actual house, a new handful involving double doors open up from the living room and also kitchen upon the again patio using a landscaped hillside


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